The Jonas Brothers are teaming up with a platform called Scriber, which is a subscription-based texting and digital fan club service. It allows fans to get exclusive content, and in turn the band wants to donate half of the proceeds to a charitable organization.

After Halsey posted the video calling out her record company for not letting her release a new song, it turns out that the story took the internet by storm. The artist was told she had to make a viral TikTok moment in order to release it. Which she did, just probably not in the way they wanted. The single, “So Good,” is out on June 9th.

Matthew Morrison was fired from “So You Think You Can Dance!” Apparently, he sent flirty messages to a contestant and made her feel uncomfortable. She went to the producers, who got Fox involved, and led to the removal of Matthew Morrison from the show. 

“Pinocchio” is getting its own live action movie! Disney+ dropped the first trailer for the film yesterday, with Tom Hanks starring as Geppetto.