The MTV Movie and TV Awards were last night, and if you missed the award’s show, I’ve got you. The night was hosted by Vanessa Hudgens. Euphoria swept the night with four different awards, including Best Show, Best Performance in a Show, Best Fight, and Here for the Hookup. As far as movies go, Spider-Man: No Way Home stole the show for movies, winning Best Movie and Tom Holland winning Best Performance in a Movie. Jack Black recieved the Comedic Genius award, while Jennifer Lopez accepted the Generation Award.

Mariah Carey is being sued for what is arguably her most well known song, All I Want For Christmas Is You. Andy Stone of Vince Vance & The Valiants is suing her for copyright infringement and misappropriation, claiming she stole the song title from another song written in 1989, causing confusion. 

Lizzo is clapping back at people who use her name as an insult. It seems that it is a trend on the internet for men to insult women by calling them Lizzo, but she tweeted with her opinion on the subject. She said she is beautiful and rich, so it’s a compliment.