Demi Lovato has just announced the release of their next album! The 16-track album – set to be released August 19th – is set to return to Lovato’s rock and pop-punk roots. Lovato is also dropping their lead single Skin of My Teeth this Friday. 

Apparently, Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball Tour is an “unhinged disaster” before it has even started! Apparently they are freaking out over drastically low ticket sales. Most places are only selling at around 50% capacity, and the tour is currently set to lose money.

Nick Jonas is a great performer, but his softball skills may not be the best. Turns out he was taken to the emergency room after being hit in the groin with the ball during a softball game. 

Everyone is talking about the recent interview Liam Payne did last week on Logan Paul’s podcast. Liam Payne tried to claim he was the star of the group One Direction, but even Lizzo agrees that is not true. She even called him out on TikTok, saying “I don’t know who lied to that poor boy, but he was not the frontman.”