Federal prosecutors in New York want R. Kelly to spend a long time in jail – a minimum of 25 years. They said he has avoided punishment for almost 30 years now and must be held accountable. They also stated he is a danger to the public and would probably offend again if released. His sentencing is going to take place on June 29th. 

Nick Cannon was on an episode of the Lip Service podcast, and said “Let’s just put it this way … the stork is on the way.” Meaning, that he will be having more children this year. The actor is known for having a lot of kids with a lot of different women, and he basically hinted that there would be even more this year. 

Justin Bieber is currently traveling for his world tour, but has had to put three of his tour dates on hold due to illness. While they haven’t disclosed what is wrong, he said it has been getting worse and is non-COVID related. 

Charlie Puth has confirmed the rumors that he and BTS are collaborating on a song! He revealed that it’s true and…that’s about it. He did say he doesn’t know when it is going to be released, and said the project was top-secret.