Kim Kardashian finally revealed more about her relationship with Pete Davidson. She said that he is a good person and always thinks of the small things. And she talked about how he likes to do simple things with her, things as simple as going and getting ice cream. 

Everyone is freaking out about Joe Jonas changing the lyrics of the song “Much Better.” The lyric said “now I’m done with superstars,” which most people felt was a dig at his ex Taylor Swift. However, he changed it to say I’m “cool” with superstars, and many think it was a shout-out to his ex-girlfriend that he has moved on.

Machine Gun Kelly dropped a new single and a video for “More Than Life,” which features Glaive. The song will be the bonus track on the vinyl edition of ‘Mainstream Sellout.’ The LP comes out June 24.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari got married yesterday at her home, but of course it couldn’t go smoothly. Her ex-husband, Jason Alexander, broke into her home and livestreamed as he roamed around the property. Luckily, since it was live streamed, her assistant was alerted by fans online.