Machine Gun Kelly has a lot going for him right now – he is on tour, has a new Hulu documentary, and is engaged to Megan Fox. How does he celebrate it all? By smashing a wine glass into his head, and performing while bleeding all over the place. 

If you didn’t hear, 5SOS’ drummer Ashton Irwin was hospitalized in the middle of a concert this past Saturday. It seems that his body gave out due to heat exhaustion. He said he felt so bad that he was letting people down that he cried in the ambulance. Most of the band’s upcoming concerts have been canceled while one has only been postponed.

In case you were wondering why Travis Baker was hospitalized the other day, it turns out he is suffering with pancreatitis. Barker’s current condition is unknown, but doctors believe the attack was triggered by a colonoscopy.

Ariana Grande just cannot escape stalkers. Her return stalker has been arrested again for breaking and entering into her home earlier this week. Luckily she was not home at the time, and the cops showed up to arrest him.