With having a dad like Dan Reynolds, the singer of Imagine Dragons, career day at school would be the coolest. However, the artist admitted he was nervous to speak to his daughter’s class! Reynolds’s talk with the school kids went well, but he got upstaged when the next dad to speak worked for NASA.

Travis Barker is feeling much better after being hospitalized with pancreatitis. He had an endoscopy on Monday and felt okay, but came down with extreme pancreatitis later that night. With some intensive care, he is feeling much better.

Justin Timberlake is being sued, however it’s not for a copyright lawsuit like a lot of artists have been dealing with recently. He is being sued over a documentary about his life that was never released. The director is suing for $2.5 million, the amount he would have been paid if the film was a straightforward for hire deal. 

Adele said she really doesn’t feel bad after all of the drama that went on with her Las Vegas residency. She said she did feel frightened about letting everyone down. She thought she could pull it together to make it work, but she just couldn’t.