Chris Rock may have a new lover in his life. Many people have been speculating that he has a relationship with actress Lake Bell. They were seen together again on Santa Monica Beach, but who knows, they could be just friends…right? 

As we have seen, Machine Gun Kelly isn’t always the safest person. Last week, he smashed a glass into his face and bled all over. This week, he almost fell out of his prop helicopter. It hit a bump on the track, and Machine Gun Kelly almost fell out while performing in Detroit. This was a complete accident though, and it’s good that he is just okay! 

 If you love Beauty and the Beast, then you’re going to love to hear that ABC is doing something big to celebrate its 30-year anniversary! They are going to broadcast a two-hour live-action/animated special on December 15th. If you don’t have cable, you can watch it on Disney+ on December 16th.

Chris Evans and Emily Blunt are teaming up for a new movie. They are set to be in the new Netflix movie called Pain Hustlers. There’s not too many details since production hasn’t started yet, but it centers around a high-school dropout named Liza Drake (Blunt) in Central Florida.