While Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trials have been over for a while, over 6,000 court documents were unsealed over the weekend. The publication who released these said it “do[es] not appear to reflect too well on Team Depp.” Mainly included a lot of text messages from Johnny Depp that could have been evidence in Amber Heard’s case, and make this case even messier. 

 While many people may love all of the music that One Direction made, one particular person does not: Louis Tomilson. On a recent podcast, he stated that the first album was terrible…but he used different words to describe it. It’s also crazy to think that the band formed over 12 years ago.

Everyone likes some free pizza, right? What about from Katy Perry? The other night, she took it upon herself to feed a bunch of drunk club-goers in Las Vegas. She took a pizza out of the box, and started throwing slices into the crowd. Now THAT’S a party! 

Justin Bieber has hit the stage once again! After dealing with his Ramsay Hunt diagnosis, he has finally returned to his tour on Sunday night. He performed shirtless and energetically danced around the stage, so it’s safe to say he is feeling better!