Jimmy Fallon is planning on bringing on co-hosts for episodes of The Tonight Show. Megan Thee Stallion has signed on to co-host for August 11th. Not only that, Demi Lovato has signed on for August 16th-18th. 

It seems that rebooting older movies is the new big thing, and it isn’t stopping anytime soon! Selena Gomez is in final negotiations to work as a producer on a remake of the 1980’s classic Working Girl. If you never saw the original, it was about a secretary who must take over her office while her boss recovers from a broken leg. It looks like it’ll be on Hulu, and no one knows if she will star in the film, or if it’ll even happen. 

While so many streaming platforms have been created in the past few years, some are starting to merge! HBO Max and Discovery+ announced that they are going to merge in the summer of 2023. The CEO said that it is the only way they saw to “make this a viable business.” Not gonna argue with more content! 

It was announced that Warner Bros. was NOT going to release the new Batgirl film, even though it was already finished filming. Turns out, that was the first time the cast and crew was hearing about the news as well. Leslie Grace, who played Batgirl in the film, addressed the news on Instagram. She tried to stay positive about the news, saying she was proud of everything the cast and crew has done, and thanked her fans for their support.