The MTV Video Music Awards is coming up here in a few weeks, and they just announced who the emcee, or emcees I should say, will be. Jack Harlow, LL Cool J, and Nicki Minaj will all split emceeing duties at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Wanna watch the awards show? It’s gonna be broadcasted live on August 28th on MTV.

Selena Gomez might be releasing a new song soon! She posted a photo on her Instagram with a rising Nigerian star that goes by the name of REMA. The only detail she really put in the post was “coming soon.” Guess we are going to get a collaboration from these two soon!

Grease will return to AMC theaters as a way of honoring Olivia Newton-John. They are selling tickets for just $5, and $1 for each ticket sold will go to AMC’s charitable fund, AMC Cares. The proceeds will be donated to breast cancer research. 

Good Burger might be getting a sequel! Kenan Thompson was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon the other night, and Fallon asked him if the sequel was happening after teasing it on his Instagram. Thompson said he wants it to, it all depends “on the numbers.”