John Stamos is writing a memoir! It’s titled If You Would Have Told Me, and it is set to hit shelves next month. According to a press release, “the book will cover his most famous television roles, his time touring with the Beach Boys, and his midlife quest to find sobriety.” Stamos said he never planned to write a memoir, but after everything that had happened to him, he figured now was a better time than ever. 

Will Smith is not only banned from the Oscars, but he is banned from SNL too! A source told Radar, “Smith will never ever be invited back to SNL after what he did to Chris. The show is a temple comedian, and no one wants him around anymore. Forget hosting, Will won’t even be able to get a ticket to sit in the audience anymore. He’s not welcome.” I guess you could say that’s a…slap in the face to his career.

Taylor Swift is going to court! As you’ve probably heard, she is currently dealing with a copyright lawsuit filed against her for the song “Shake It Off.” Sean Hall and Nathan Butler, the songwriters of 3LW’s “Playas Gon’ Play” have accused her of lifting the chorus of their song and filed the suit back in 2017. She made one last effort to avoid trial, but the judge has denied it. 

Cardi B is giving back to the community she grew up in! Earlier this week, she made a surprise visit to her old middle school and gave a motivational speech and answered a few of the kids’ questions. Not only that, but she made a $100,000 donation!