If you liked the movie The Waterboy, then you are going to love to hear that we might be getting a sequel. According to Variety Magazine, Adam Sandler would love to make another movie. He said “That would be fun. I love Mama. I love Henry Winkler. He’s always gonna be Coach Klein to me.”

There’s a new reality TV show coming our way called Criss Angel’s Magic With The Stars. Each episode of the show will have “two celebrities train with Criss and learn his award-winning, revolutionary magic to compete and create a mind-blowing series of magic performances.” It’s set to be released on October 22nd.

Taylor Swift just never stops! Her next album is set to be released later this month. Not only that, word on the street is she is planning a massive stadium tour for the summer of 2023. One source said she already has several shows booked, and another stated  “Taylor has some really ambitious plans in place. She’s excited to get back on the road after such a long but fruitful break.”

You know who else never stops, Nick Cannon…when it comes to having children. Just two weeks ago his 9th child was born, and just two weeks later he welcomed his 10th with Brittany Bell.