One thing that I love about Harry Styles is how much he interacts with the crowd at his concerts. During his mini residency in Austin, Texas, he took note of a girl holding a sign that said “I skipped daycare to be here.” He spotted her and shouted “First concert, get it, let’s go! Make some noise for Camila, everybody! Much better than daycare!”

Coldplay has been on a roll recently with their massive tour. However, they have to postpone some upcoming concerts due to Chris Martin having a serious lung infection. They are optimistic that he will return to good health, but the band stated that he “has been put under strict doctor’s orders to rest for the next three weeks.”

Apparently there is some drama going on with BLACKPINK, someone leaked photos of one of the band members and a member of BTS out to dinner. BLACKPINK’s management company is actually threatening legal action against those responsible for leaking personal photos of band member Jennie Kim, and has gotten the police involved. 

Speaking of drama, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are currently in a legal battle over their winery they used to own together. However, due to all of this drama it has come out that he allegedly “choked one of his kids” and “struck another in the face” back in 2016 on a plane ride. She claims ever since then, she had tried to shield herself and her family from him, but these lawsuits are basically getting in the way of that.