Ozzy Osbourne seems to be having a rough time lately… He has been having difficulty walking following a neck surgery he had and Parkinson’s disease. However, he ditched his cane for a heartwarming dance with his wife Sharon at her recent 70th birthday party.  

In case you were curious, there was a new study done to figure out which of the 10 major U.S. fast food restaurants had the quickest – and slowest drive thru times. Chick-fil-a had the slowest with an average of 8:29, and KFC came out on top with an average of 5:02. 

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day, and Imagine Dragons was ready to spread awareness. They released the music video for “I Don’t Like Myself,” and partnered with Crisis Text Line, “encouraging fans to support the organization and their work through fundraisers on Imagine Dragons’ social media platforms.” Even though today is not World Mental Health Day, still reach out to someone you love and see how they are really doing. 

Yesterday, Apple Original Films unveiled the trailer for Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me. This documentary will follow her life and struggles with fame, mental health, and more. She also teased her new song that will drop the same day as the documentary – November 4th.