Ed Sheeran has been dealing with a few copyright battles lately, and his lawyers are hoping a judge tosses one out. They want the judge to reconsider forcing the star to face trial whether “Thinking Out Loud” infringes Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On.” According to Sheeran’s attorney, “that by refusing to toss the case out, he is threatening to ‘strangle creation’ by future songwriters because the only overlap between the two songs were simple musical elements that have ‘been used in music for centuries.’”

Taylor Swift never takes a break. She’s got some big plans for her next album, and revealed the “Midnight Manifest” on her Instagram page last night. It showed a desk calendar with all of her plans, from late night talk show appearances to music video releases.

Billie Eilish might have a secret boyfriend! She was allegedly spotted holding hands with 31-year-old Jesse Rutherford from The Neighborhood. While their faces weren’t clear in the video, TikTok went on a detective rampage, and it’s most likely them. However, a lot of people on Twitter “pointed out that the age gap is potentially problematic after they found photos of the two hanging out as far back as 2017, when Eilish was only 15.”

No one can stop talking about Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez, even though it has been years since Gomez and Justin Bieber went their separate ways. However, there has been a plot twist! The two gals posed for a photo together at an event in L.A. this past weekend. Recently on the podcast Call Her Daddy, Hailey even proclaimed “”It’s all respect. It’s all love. … Neither of us owe anybody anything except respect.”