Apparently The Chainsmokers felt that they could make their latest album better, or at least reimagine it. They took their album So Far So Good and made all new lofi remixes. In a press release, they said “This album is for all the people grinding on midterms or coding all night or just need a break from whatever reality they’re in right now, which feels like most of us.”

Apparently Kanye West is trying to create his own self-contained mini-city? Sources say he has filed several trademark applications to create what he calls the “Yecosystem.” “The city will have its own stores selling Kanye branded food and beverages.  He plans to have the first campus up-and-running by the end of the year and open more across the country.”

If you’ve been watching the House of the Dragon series, you better watch out! The finale has been somehow leaked online. An HBO spokesperson has been working hard to remove the copies off of the internet. However, if you don’t want to spoil it for yourself, you better watch out! 

Good Burger might actually be getting a sequel! A while back Kenan Thompson mentioned that he would love to create a sequel, but there were not many details about this sequel being in the works. On Sunday, he told Entertainment Tonight that a draft has been written, and they are closer than ever to making this a reality.