Enola Holmes 2 was just released this past Friday, and apparently stars Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill have a strict friendship with healthy boundaries. She said it feels like a “real adult relationship,” where they agreed that she is not to ask about his personal life. She continued that he is very strict with her, but she appreciates it. 

Halloween may be over, but the Kardashian’s had the best costume party of all time. It was Kris Jenner’s 67th birthday, so her daughters dressed up like her for the party. They said the theme was “dress up as your best Kris.”

As you may have seen, Aaron Carter passed away at the age of 34. His brother, Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, has been doing his best to deal with the loss. On Sunday, he became emotional while performing in London according to TMZ, but the band was there to support him. 

A lot of celebrities have been working hard to get people to vote this election season, and Billie Eilish is no exception. She created a post on Saturday encouraging people to vote, and the caption included a link to BallotReady, which assists with polling locations and other voting information. Tomorrow is election day, so make sure you get out there and vote!