Wanna know who sold the most concert tickets in 2022? That would be Ed Sheeran! According to Billboard’s Boxscore, 3,047,696 fans attended the Mathematics tour in 2022, but surprisingly he did not gross the most money for a tour in 2022. Both Bad Bunny and Elton John made more money on their tours than Ed Sheeran. 

The queen of TikTok music this year is Lizzo! Variety reports that Lizzo was the number one music artist on the app according to views, and her song “About Damn Time” was the apps number four top-trending song.

 Billie Eilish recently did an interview with BBC World Service and she said that growing up famous has been what she calls a “bruising experience.” She said that there have been some moments where she was trapped in a “downward spiral of imposter syndrome,” and added, “When you see yourself and your name everywhere, it’s really hard to know who the hell you are.”

If The Office were to debut now, star Mindy Kaling doesn’t think that the show would be received well and “most of the characters on that show would have been canceled by now.” She said that what offends people have changed so much in recent years, and she said she thinks that the show is so popular because “people feel like there’s something kind of fearlessness about it.”