Apparently Rush Hour might be getting another sequel! Jackie Chan announced that there are talks of a Rush Hour 4 movie. He said that he thought the first movie would be a flop, and yet they are talking about a fourth movie right now. 

It’s official, Trevor Noah has said goodbye to The Daily Show after being the host for seven years. His last episode ended on Thursday and said “I’m grateful to you. Every single one of you,” he told the audience. “I remember when we started the show, we couldn’t get enough people to fill the audience … And I look at this now and I don’t take it for granted, ever.”

Taylor Swift is a filmmaker now! Searchlight pictures announced that she is going to be directing a film in which she wrote the original script for. The film doesn’t seem to have a name yet, and there’s no other details currently.

The Jonas Brothers are not a typical boy band, at least according to Finneas! He told The Hollywood Reporter that “Jonas Brothers are songwriters, man. I think that separates him from a traditional boy band.”