Austin Butler took his role as Elvis very seriously. He said in a recent interview that his method acting for the biopic got in the way of his relationships. He said that he didn’t see his family for three years, wouldn’t talk to anyone for months at a time, and all he was thinking about was Elvis. 

Adele seemed to have a hard time when going through her recent divorce. During a recent show, she said that she was basically having five therapy sessions a day, but she seems to be doing better now.

There’s some drama happening on TikTok, and no one knows how to feel about it. So, there was a viral video claiming that Selena Gomez was “always Skinny” while dating Justin Bieber because the singer would “rather date models.” Gomez left a sad face emoji in the comments section, and no one knows how to take it. 

Some people may be getting a chance to get some tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. According to Billboard, some fans received an email that they will get a chance to try to score some tickets later this month.