The Jonas Brothers are going back to Vegas! They announced that they will be returning to the Dolby Like at Park MGM for Presidents’ Day weekend. If you wanna travel to Vegas to see the Jonas Brothers, tickets are available for presale right now. 

Apparently, when Nicholas Cage went to the doctor’s office as a kid, he was surprised to learn he was a human. In a recent interview, he said he truly believed that he was an alien and that he was from a different planet.

Apparently, Howard Stern is not a fan of the new Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan. He felt that the docuseries is “like the Kardashians except boring” and he only watched it because his wife wanted to. 

Jay Leno shared his experience of the garage fire he was in last month in a recent interview. He said he got a face  full of gasoline while working underneath a car and said it felt like his face was on fire and it was “like the most intense sunburn you’ve ever had.” He suffered from second and third-degree burns.