There are rumors that SZA and Taylor Swift have some drama going on, since the two released albums in 2022 and have to compete on the charts. However, SZA went to Twitter to put these rumors to rest. She said ““Uhh I feel silly that I even have to say this but i see supporters arguing and I hate that . I don’t have beef w ANYONE especially not Taylor…”

Lizzo is hoping that she gets to collab with Adele someday, but not in the way you probably think. She told Sunday Mirror that Adele offered her support early on in her career. When she was asked if they would ever collaborate, Lizzo said she would love to play the flute for Adele.

Sam Smith is going to be dropping some new music soon! The artist just announced that they will be dropping the third single from their fourth studio album, Gloria, on January 11th. It’s called Gimme, and will feature Jessie Reyes and Koffee. Not only that, but Gloria is going to be released later this month on Jan. 27th. 

Rihanna’s musical director Adam Blackstone discussed her upcoming halftime show in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. He said that this show is going to be “unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.” As far as what songs she will sing, he said “she knows that her career has expanded different sonic palletes, from EDM to pop to hip-hop to ballads, so we want to try to give a little bit to everybody.”