If you loved the first season of the That’s 70’s Show reboot That 90’s Show, you’re going to love this news! It was announced that the show is being renewed for a second season by Netflix. According to Variety, the show was able to reach Netflix’s Top 10 English TV list in 35 countries, with 41M hours viewed. 

Speaking of Netflix, there were new password sharing rules that went viral last week. According to Streamable.com, the new rules required all devices using the same account to be linked to the same Wi-Fi, for all devices to log in and stream on that Wi-Fi every 31 days, and for the user to set a primary location, which users were not happy about. However, the company claims that these rules only apply to Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

What was the number one film at the box office this weekend? Well, for the first time in nearly two months, it wasn’t Avatar: The Way of Water, which fell to spot number three. The number one film was Knock At The Cabin, which debuted with a $14.2 million dollar weekend. 

On February 25th, Woody Harrelson is set to guest host on the show for Saturday Night Live! This will be the fifth time he has hosted the show. As for the musical entertainment, Jack White will appear on that week’s episode.