Jenna Ortega almost wasn’t the star of Netflix’s Addams Family spinoff Wednesday! Recently, she told U.K.’s The Times that she passed on the offer multiple times. She said she really wanted to get into film, and she was scared that signing onto another television show could prevent her from doing other jobs that she really wanted or cared about. She said the only reason she went back is because Tim Burton is “such a legend” and they happened to get along very well. 

It’s been announced that Lewis Capaldi is getting his own Netflix documentary! It’s called Lewis Capaldi How I’m Feeling Now. According to Netflix, “this intimate, all-access documentary chronicles Lewis Capaldi’s journey from ambitious teen with a viral performance to Grammy-nominated pop star.” It’s set to release on April 5th, and his song, How I’m Feeling Now, will be released March 17th at midnight.