SZA and Drake have been longtime friends, and actually used to date when he was an actor and she wasn’t famous yet. Well, SZA went to show her support by attending one of his recent concerts in Los Angeles. However, in order to try to stay under the radar she wore a very interesting disguise. She posted a selfie of the outfit on her Instagram stories, where she wore a baseball cap, a hoodie, a pair of glasses, and a fake mustache. 

Lizzo has been talked about a lot on the internet lately after a lawsuit has been filed against her by three of her ex-dancers. Well, it seems that Beyoncé omitted her name from her song “Break My Soul (Diva remix), where she lists some of her favorite female vocalists, and people wondered if there was a rift between the two. Well, it appears not, considering at her show in Atlanta she put Lizzo’s name back in the song and said “Lizzo! I love you, Lizzo!”