Everything you need to know about the new Apple products

Everything you need to know about the new Apple products

Everything you need to know about the new Apple products

The 2019 Apple Fall Event is now a thing of the past, and – while nothing Earth-shattering came of it – there were a few announcements that will allow Apple to continue to “control the conversation” when it comes to tech. Here are the five biggest take-aways from the event:

  • iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max – These will be the “deluxe” models in the iPhone line, with notable improvements on the display and the look of the phone. A third camera on the back will give you more picture options, and the battery will last “four or five hours longer” than the XS.
  • iPhone 11 – As far as the iPhone 11, there’s not much new to report other than a second camera with on the back with a new “Night Mode” and the video recording is said to be “the most powerful” of any other smartphone on the planet – other than the Pro models.
  • Apple Watch Upgrades – There’s a whole mess of heart and health related upgrades going on this year, and you’ll have the ability to opt-in to research studies for more detailed health data in the future. The battery life will be around 18-hours and there have been improvements to the Emergency SOS feature.
  • iPad Upgrade – It got bigger, and now has Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard support…making it even closer to an entry-level PC.
  • Subscription Services – Apple Arcade will launch at the end of this month, giving subscribers (and six family members) $4.99-a-month access to any game on the platform on any Apple device. Apple+ will fire-up on November 1st for $4.99-a-month, or the streaming service will be free for a year with the purchase of any new Apple device.

PLUS: Apple TV+ will feature a much smaller lineup of content than most other streaming services when it finally hits the market on November 1st. The upcoming streaming service will debut with just eight original series and films, including Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon’s drama Morning Show, the Jason Momoa-led See and childrens’ programming from Peanuts and Sesame Street, the company announced on Tuesday.

Apple TV+ will also premiere most of its series with three episodes dropped at first, followed by weekly rollouts of one episode at a time. Some series will launch with full seasons all at once. AppleTV+ is coming to the market just 11 days before Disney’s own new streaming service, Disney+. And Apple TV+ will also run cheaper than most competitors at just $4.99 a month. Lucky customers who purchase a new iPad, Mac or iPhone, will get Apple TV+ free for one full year.

Source: Men’s Health


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