Rihanna’s Valentine’s Day plans might get her fans’ hearts pumping. RiRi, whose highly anticipated 9th studio album is still waiting a release date, will be busy on the 14th making music with a very special guest. It’s Pharrell. She said she’s super excited to be working with him because she’s wanted to for a long time. Pharrell actually hinted that something could be in the works with Rihanna back in July for her next album, which she’s simply referred to as R9.

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It’s no secret that Finneas recorded little sister Billie Eilish’s album right in his bedroom. But it still comes as a surprise to many. Finneas broke down the reason why he chose the homey venue. He said people act like recording billie’s album in my bedroom was difficult but in reality, every time I’m in a fancy studio, it takes them an hour to get the aux cord working. Artists, engineers and managers related to the studio struggle with one even saying lol and 95% of the equipment is outdated. The struggle is real…

Kesha’s next chapter has arrived. She recently released her new album High Road and she’s been talking about her influences, album she loves that inspired her and got her to where she is today. That list includes artists like The Beastie Boys, Cardi B, Lizzo, Queen, Iggy Pop and more. That may seem all over the place which Kesha’s simple reply would be my brain is a wild place. Certainly makes sense though and we love her for it!

More than a decade after disbanding, The Pussycat Dolls are officially back and ready to dominate, unveiling the music video for their comeback single React. In the fiery visual, the girls deliver the same kind of jaw-dropping choreography that made them famous in the mid-2000s. React marks the Pussycat Dolls first new music since 2008. This spring, the group will be embarking on a comeback tour and recently collaborated with Meghan Trainor on her new album Treat Myself.

Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring and Christina Aguilera is already making that prophecy come true. She and A Great Big World shared the video for their latest collab, Fall On Me, which features Aguilera as the Queen of Spring. The tree at the video’s centerpiece is a metaphor for the continuous cycle of life, as the director wanted to convey the journey of love through the life cycle of a tree, a beautiful depiction of the search for connection and love in the song.

Louis Tomlinson had the biggest day of his solo career so far on Friday when his debut album, Walls, arrived. But even four years and an album into his solo venture, the One Direction album can’t help but indulge in some of the boy band’s history and music. He said I’m not going to lie, I probably have two or three moments a year, and it’ll just happen, normally after being drunk. I’ll have a bit of 1D marathon. Louis said he simply loves reminiscing on the songs and thinking about how they were written and it takes him back to the bands’ stadium tour days. Louis will set out on his own headlining tour this summer and there’s a good chance you’ll hear a few One Direction songs at the show!


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