Doja Cat and The Weeknd are about to release a special quarantine remix. Doja put up a cheeky Twitter poll with The Weeknd listed as one of the possible collaborators on phony songs with titles like Stuart Little. She asked which one of these artists have I collaborated with and will be releasing the song to very soon? A short time later she simply tweeted in your eyes as well as changing her Twitter handle to the name of the song from Weeknd’s recent album. He got in on the action too, retweeting Doja Cat and then doubling down with a pair of hearts and a saxophone emoji.

If there’s one thing we know about Sia, other than the fact she’s an amazing singer, it’s that she values her privacy. The extent to which she shields her off-stage life came into focus earlier this week when she revealed she adopted two 18 year old boys to save them from aging out of the foster care system. When young people age out of the system, they are often ill-equipped to navigate a successful path to an independent adulthood. Sia didn’t reveal any other personal information about her family except she loves them both very much and they’re all muddling through the pandemic lockdown together and doing their best to stay positive.

Lorde is truly jazzed for fans to hear the new music she’s been working on during the coronavirus lockdown. She said she’s more than a little excited about the upcoming release of her new tunes. Lorde started going back to the studio in December just for something to do and to her surprise things just started to flow. While the world shut down, she continued to work and she says this material is so freaking good. Lorde simply said I can tell you this new thing it’s got its own colors now. If you know anything about my work, you’ll know what that means.

Britney Spears was left stunned earlier this eek after her hit …Baby One More time was named the greatest debut single ever by Rolling Stone magazine. Britney burst onto the pop scene with that catchy debut back in 1998 and has gone on to become one of the most famous singers. Given the long-running popularity of the song, editors at Rolling Stone put the track at the top of their list. Explaining their decision they wrote in the great tradition of debut singles, it was a statement that drew a line between past and future, with …Baby One More Time, this girl changed the sound of pop forever. All Britney could say was Number ONE??!?! Thank you Rolling Stone and what an honor!


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