Taylor Swift’s 7th album era seems to be about mending relationships, including the longtime “Bad Blood” between her and Katy Perry. The two pop stars seem to have officially buried the hatchet, with Perry posting a photo social media on Tuesday, a batch of chocolate chip cookies. The phrase “Peace at Last” is written in frosting across the plate, and since Swift is known for dropping those clues, the Internet began to buzz over a potential collab between the former rivals. Most are just excited this war is finally over.

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John Legend will executive produce a new Amazon series loosely inspired by actress Sandra Bullock’s college years, alongside fellow co-producer Sandra herself. Taking place in the American deep south in the ‘80s, the series will be a dramedy set in the world of music and dance where a young woman defies expectations and seeks out community and her own identity. The show will touch on drag culture, mental health and the AIDS epidemic while following a group of young outcasts. Amazon has yet to reveal any details on a release date.

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It’s already getting it’s own TV show and now a tour! Created by South Korean firm Pinkfong, Baby Shark Live is being produced by Round Room live. The track was over 2.9 million views on YouTube, it’s been covered by famous singers and is every toddler’s favorite song. It’s now crossing over into IRL territory with a live show that will visit more than 100 North American markets starting this fall. Baby Shark Live will take you on an adventure to find new friends, both by land and by sea and include Pinkfong’s other tracks like Five Little Monkeys, Wheels on the Bus and more. The show is aimed at preschool age children as young as 2 years old and will feature a ten person cast and a large video component. A partial tour schedule will be announced July 9.

Joe Jonas admitted his parents found out about his Las Vegas wedding to Sophie Turner on the Internet. He revealed he didn’t give them a heads-up before tying the knot last month. Joe said, “Well, in my mind, that was the legal portion of the marriage. So, not the most important day.” He said the important day is coming up and he’ll keep that private with his fam. However, he did admit he had to smooth things over with his parents after they found out. The couple’s official wedding day will reportedly happen sometime this summer overseas in France.

Miley Cyrus has apologized for the “insensitive” comments she made about hip-hop music back in 2017. The singer hit headlines 2 years ago following an interview, where she said she wasn’t a fan of the music genre anymore. Comments led to backlash from those who accused her of putting down the genre she once channeled. The star explored the style of music in her 2013 record, Bangerz, but has since returned to her pop/country music roots. One fan shared a homemade video on YouTube entitled ‘Miley Cyrus is my Problematic Fav…Sorry,’ explaining why she still loved the singer despite the remarks. Miley took to the comments section to have her say and apologized. She said she’s now committed to using her voice for healing, change and standing up for what’s right.

Ariana Grande has donated the proceeds from her recent concert in Atlanta, Georgia to Planned Parenthood, as protests continue against the state passing strict anti-abortion legislation. Following a sold-out gig, Ari decided to make a stand by donating the estimated $300,000 she made from the show to the nonprofit organization that provides sexual health care in the US and around the world. The move is part of Grande’s stand against the passing of strict new legislation, termed the heartbeat bill.

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