Charlie Puth has released the mother of all tunes, along with a fun video yesterday. Mother has a summery feel. In the video, Puth lays shirtless by a pool, then drives around with a group of friends. They eventually strip down to their undies and jump in a neighbor’s pool before getting kicked out. Mother is the second song of a trilogy that Puth promised fans. When we will get that third track? You just have to wait.

There’s something wild about Camila Cabello’s Liar music video. Maybe it’s the elephants dropping from the skies or the flock of flamingos camped on her property. Or the dozens of identical cyclists who swamp her. Whatever, it’s hilarious and ridiculous. Cabello plays a range of characters for fun. But it’s hard to decipher what’s real and what’s a dream. She’s living a lie. At the end, her tales are tested with a lie detector test. It’s a wild ride.

Post Malone delivered a scenic visual for his solo cut Saint Tropez. Posty shows off several picturesque landscapes along the French Riviera throughout the clip. Malone heads from the breathtaking mountaintops to rhyming in front of his exotic fleet of sports cars. The outfit choices didn’t disappoint either as he trades in a dapper three-piece suit for a Louis Vuitton utility vest. Before booking your next vacation, you’re going to want to give this one a watch.

Lil Nas X’s prime focus is now having Panini be as big as possible. He announced yesterday that the first of many Panini remixes would be released today. PANINI REMIX 1 OF 25 TONIGHT he wrote to Twitter. Fans have attempted to guess who will be joining Lil Nas but he hasn’t budged and was keeping it a secret. Sounds like Lil Nas X’s claim to fame is going to be the remix king at this point.

Post Malone and Ozzy Osbourne may seem like an unlikely pair of collaborators, but according to Sharon Osbourne, they were a match made in studio heaven. In fact, their Hollywood’s Bleeding team-up “Take What You Want” came together in no time at all. Literally took like 30 minutes Sharon told Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night. She explained their daughter Kelly knows Post’s producer and linked her dad up with Post who is an Ozzy fan. Sharon made no mention of Travis Scott, who is also on the track, but it sounds like Ozzy was a seamless fit for the two stars, even if it may seem a little random.

Stop J. Lo time. Jennifer Lopez was a special guest on The Tonight Show earlier this week, where she sat down for a chat and joined Jimmy Fallon in a dance for the ages. Lopez and Fallon busted moves from some of the most famous videos of all time. Like all of the, from MC Hammer’s U Can’t Touch This, Walk like an Egyptian, the Macarena, to Sia’s Chandelier complete with the black and white wig. The routine is non-stop action. And if you think it looks easy, you’re wrong. Jimmy posted in his Instagram stories, some behind the scenes shots for a look at all the hard work they put in.


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