The Area 51 raid? Just turned into a full on festival ‘Alienstock’

The Area 51 raid? Just turned into a full on festival ‘Alienstock’

The Area 51 raid? Just turned into a full on festival ‘Alienstock’

The founder of the viral “Storm Area 51” event is instead settling for a party in the desert. Matty Roberts, whose social media joke pulled in over 2 million “interested” Area 51 raiders, says he wasn’t planning on the momentum, which was so explosive that even the feds felt it necessary to step in. But when hotels near the heavily guarded military installment began booking up, Roberts decided to capitalize.

Now he’s promoting Alienstock Festival, a celebration of all things extraterrestrial, scheduled to go down on the same weekend of the original “Storm Area 51” event, September 20-22. The carnival promises attractions including “a world full of live music, arts and camping under the stars.” An artist lineup, vendors and amenities have yet to be announced. Alienstock is set to take place in Rachel, Nevada, a town of just 98 citizens near Area 51 that has no gas station or grocery store, and spotty internet service.

Those who attend should be “experienced in camping, hiking, and camping in a harsh desert environment…and be prepared to be completely on your own for gas, food, and water.” Meanwhile, the AlienStock website says, “We’ll have the critical infrastructure set in place, we can’t wait to share this experience!” That, even though it’s likely that taking credit cards will be a problem, and they’re promising plenty of live music, though no bands are specifically mentioned on the site.

One group of people who aren’t the least bit happy about this “festival” are the residents of Rachel, Nevada. On the town’s official website, they make it clear that the “residents were not asked…are not on board” and have zero desire to have their town “taken over.” They also fear that local cops and first responders will be overwhelmed and warn that “local residents will set up to protect their property.”

Good luck everyone…it sounds like you might need it.


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