White Claw Slushies, Cookie Cereal – These are today’s top TikTok Food Trends

White Claw Slushies, Cookie Cereal – These are today’s top TikTok Food Trends

White Claw Slushies, Cookie Cereal – These are today’s top TikTok Food Trends

People have been cooking more than ever recently and lots of them have been sharing their culinary creations on TikTok. The one-minute videos give us a peek into what’s going on in their kitchens. From tiny pancake cereal to White Claw slushies, these are the food trends that have gone viral on TikTok.

  • Carrot bacon – Turning the veggie into a vegan version of everyone’s favorite breakfast meat isn’t new, but it’s become popular on TikTok recently. It uses maple syrup, garlic powder, onion powder, liquid smoke and smoked paprika and some people actually love it.
  • Dalgona coffee – We told you about this whipped coffee last month and it’s still a huge trend on TikTok, the #dalgonacoffee hashtag has more than 300-million views.
  • Pancake cereal – People started making mini pancakes and filling a bowl with them instead of putting them on a plate and pancake cereal was born. It’s become so popular, the #pancakecereal hashtag has more than 800-million views on TikTok.
  • Cookie cereal – The DIY version of Cookie Crisp cereal is also big on TikTok. It’s like pancake cereal, but it’s a bowl full of tiny cookies in milk instead of pancakes.
  • White Claw slushies – TikTokers are getting fancy with their hard seltzer by turning it into a frozen drink. There are all kinds of options, like adding vodka or ginger ale, but the basic version only requires White Claw, ice, and fruit. Blend them up and you’ve got the easy boozy beverage of the summer.

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So apparently #cookiecereal went crazy viral after my post the other day! I decided to remake it so that I could give you some tips on how to perfect it. Here’s how to do it: 1. Cut your cookie dough into even pieces. You want to make sure they bake evenly or else some will burn and others will be undercooked. Instead of rolling them into balls, just round the edges. And add an extra chocolate chip on top for a prettier final product. 2. Bake at 350F for about 7 minutes (cookies will still be a little soft). Let them sit on the counter and harden for a few minutes. 3. Add a few spoonfuls of your mini cookies to a bowl and enjoy with milk. To avoid getting all the cookies soggy at once, only add a few bites to your bowl at a time. 4. Try it with ice cream as a dessert! 5. Get creative! You can make any type of cookie into cookie cereal. Doesn’t have to be chocolate chip!! #foodandwine #insider #insiderfood #foodbeast #foodtrends #pancakecereal #cookiecrisp #cerealtrend #cookies #chocolatechipcookies #mini #minifood #beautifulcuisines #foodnetwork #cosmopolitan #peoplefood #todayshow

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